Pineapple, Coconut & Banana Crumble

*I’d better start this with a disclaimer- I am not a food blogger, my talents lie in the eating, not the styling or photographing (as I’m sure this blog post will make abundantly clear).* Hello again! Anybody else wondering where April has gone, or is it just me? Although, can you really call it April […]

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A Letter To The ‘Doers’

A wooden table top with blank paper and a pen and black coffee in a white mug.

This blog post is a bit of a personal one, it’s something which has been on my mind for quite some time. I feel like it’s something we all need reminding of every now and then, I know I certainly do, so I thought I would finally get it off my chest. Here goes… A […]

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A Flat of One Bedroom

A background of blue forget-me-nots with the words “adapt to thrive, not just to survive.”

What if I told you I could cook a roast dinner without leaving my bedroom? My room is more of a flat than a bedroom, it’s got everything you need to survive for at least a couple of weeks, including portable kitchen appliances. Like they say, when life gives you lemons, buy a mini oven […]

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