Meet The Moo Monday

On the first Monday of 2020, I started doing ‘Meet The Moo Monday’ on my blog’s social media accounts. (It actually popped into my head around last November. Every week, I told myself I’d start it, but kept getting cold feet.)

What is it?

Meet The Moo Monday began as an excuse to introduce our girls, use some of the many photos of them which clutter up my phone, and spread some cow-related joy along the way.

I thought it would be a good way of diluting some of the negative press our bovine friends get, and of letting the world know that as farmers, we really do notice and appreciate every one of them in our care.

A light-hearted way of showing that, whether they have a name or a number, they’re all individuals, with their own quirks and stories, and whatever the herd size, those who work with them are the first to recognise and respect how fantastic these beautiful animals are.

A different way of Agvocating

Farming gets more than enough negative press, especially livestock farming, and in the age of social media, every article reaches further than before. It can make you want to point out every inaccuracy and misjudged opinion as fast as they are shared. But sometimes, I think just showing the other side, putting the truth out there in a fun, easily consumed way, can be just as powerful in helping wage the war against misinformation.

Which is why #MeetTheMooMonday came about, and why, on the One Girl and Her Cows Instagram, I asked others to join in too, and each Monday, help me flood people’s feeds with our wonderful cows.

It’s become something people look forwards to each week, including myself.

I’ve been truly amazed at all the lovely messages I’ve received about the initiative. It seems, in a world full of stress and sadness, a little escape into the world of cows really can go a long way.

So, I’ve brought the herd to here too, where they can be found much more easily and their stories can be elaborated on- some of them have quite a tale to tell! I’ll run out of cows to tell you about at some point, but I’m thinking this will be the perfect excuse to expand the herd…

Where to find them

You can find them all here, on the Meet The Herd page, and each week, another will be added.

Some of them will likely warrant their own blog post, in fact, some of the ones I’ve already introduced do, so look out for them coming soon- if you sign up to my email list, you’ll get the blog posts sent straight to your inbox, so no chance of you missing them amongst the masses of information and content suddenly flooding social media. You can get signed up here.

I hope telling you about our girls (and guy, or Basil the bull will get jealous) continues to provide a smile. I know how lucky I am to have them outside my front door, and I can only hope this gives you a little slice of our world too. So, happy Meet The Moo Monday! Go check out who the latest of our bovine friends to be introduced is here…

2 thoughts on “Meet The Moo Monday

  1. I truly confirm the individuality of cows – milk a dairy herd for a few months and you learn some very interesting characters and characteristics – some of which are inherited – like high strung jumpiness (mother and two daughters) or the lead cow out of the herd – Mona, a Jersey cow in a herd of Ayrshires – call her name and she would change direction at a junction on the way to the pasture for the day. I have many stories to tell of my year on a dairy farm before going to university – way back in 1962 – 63 in the longest winter the south of England had for 100 years!

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