A Flat of One Bedroom

What if I told you I could cook a roast dinner without leaving my bedroom?

My room is more of a flat than a bedroom, it’s got everything you need to survive for at least a couple of weeks, including portable kitchen appliances. Like they say, when life gives you lemons, buy a mini oven for your bedroom to bake lemon meringue pie! Oh, is that not the cliché?!

Here are some of the unexpected things to be found in my bedroom:

  • A mini oven on a trolley.
  • A slow cooker style mini oven/multi-cooker.
  • An induction hob.
  • A microwave, toaster and kettle on what used to be a desk.
  • A fire blanket, bought after I almost set fire to the aforementioned microwave.
  • A cupboard of baking ingredients and equipment, including a crêpe maker.
  • An assortment of pans hanging on the wall.
  • A second tv which shows the footage from the cameras in the yard and the cowsheds.
  • Not forgetting the printer and files for the farm admin work, and a recliner chair, which I practically live in, whose cover is always in the wash due to everything I spill on it.

Luckily, I have a large bedroom to store it all in, and a father who brings my list of cooking ingredients and utensils up to me on a morning and returns the plethora of dirty pots to the dishwasher every evening. He’s also quite handy for putting up more shelves… as long as there’s a promise of cake; he even sometimes obliges enthusiastically. “Aldi Specialbuys” deliveries are now hands-down his worst nightmare, even more so than the phone calls which begin with “Dad, I’ve broken the/spilt the…”.

An assortment of chocolate coated biscuits on cooling racks, on a wooden trolley.
The oven trolley also doubles as an extra surface for laying out all the biscuits I decided to make for Christmas presents.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, I figured if I didn’t introduce you to my bedroom/office/kitchen set up, things might get a bit confusing for you throughout this blog. Especially when I mention things like “the baking tsunami of 2018”- where I knocked a bowl of cake mixture over, covering my bedroom floor, one of the dogs and my unsuspecting mum.

I realise there’s a chance you might come away from this wondering what kind of strange person keeps an induction hob in their bedroom. Whatever thoughts I have left you with, I hope one of them is that adapting things to suit your needs and doing things a little differently isn’t something to be ashamed of. Anyway, how can your bedroom smelling of freshly baked cookies ever be a bad thing?!

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